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We provide a respectful, friendly and comprehensive in home service.

At Seniors Care and Connect we believe it is important to keep you happy and healthy in your home for as long as possible. We know how hard it is for families to take care of their loved ones as the years go on. We know how reluctant parents often are to ask for help when they need it. We want to provide a respectful, intuitive, and comprehensive service. Our professional and caring team are here to help as much as possible.


Our Mission


Welcome to

Seniors Care and Connect

 We help you live your best life.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use SCC Connect

  • We listen to you and understand your needs

  • We give you caring qualified helpers

  • We match our helpers to work with you

  • We can help you work through the aged care system

  • We keep your family and loved ones informed


Social Support

Our social support includes social activities, memoir writing, help with banking and paying bills, understanding technology, shopping, exercise.... and anything else you think you need. 


Practical Support

We want you to have a better life. That's why we have specialists who can clean, cook, garden, repair, help you keep in touch with family and friends, drive you to and from appointments. Of course we are aware of COVID protocols and guidelines. 


Our Services



Margaret had a stroke 5 years ago. She is on a level 4 aged care package. One of our helpers spends 2 hours a week with Margaret.

"I couldn't do without her . She makes calls for me, helps me with banking and cooking, whatever I need."

Margaret (83)

Contact Us

To book a free initial consultation call us on 0401792450, email us on or fill out your details below and we will get back to you.

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PO Box 728 Kensington NSW 1465

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